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  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
    • Mondium distinguishes itself by delivering a complete range of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, overseeing the entire project lifecycle. From the delivery of detailed design and engineering to the procurement, construction, and project management phases. Mondium takes a comprehensive approach to ensure the seamless coordination and integration of all project elements. By assuming this holistic role, Mondium eliminates the need for clients to engage multiple subcontractors or service providers, streamlining the project execution process and minimising potential communication gaps or conflicts. This integrated approach allows Mondium to maintain a high level of control and accountability throughout the project. This results in efficient and successful project outcomes.
    • Mondium boasts a dedicated team of experts across multiple disciplines, harnessing their collective expertise derived from Lycopodium’s 30-year design experience and Monadelphous‘s 50-year construction experience. This unique combination allows us to provide our clients with a reliable and secure pair of hands to successfully deliver their projects.
  • Project Management Services
    • Mondium understands that some clients prefer to have a level of control over their projects, and only require dedicated Project Management Services. In this capacity, we collaborate closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise and providing guidance to deliver efficient project planning, scheduling, and execution. Our team of experienced project managers take charge of overseeing all project activities, closely monitoring progress, and proactively identifying and mitigating risks.
    • By maintaining a vigilant eye on every aspect of the project, we ensure that it is delivered on time and within the allocated budget. Our project management services provide clients with the peace of mind that their projects are in capable hands, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their business. With Mondium’s dedicated project management support, clients can confidently navigate the complexities of their projects while achieving successful outcomes.
  • Balance of Plant (BoP)
    • Mondium also specialises in providing Balance of Plant (BoP) design and construction services for clients who have directly engaged technology providers or original equipment manufacturers (OEM). With our extensive expertise and experience, we deliver tailored BoP solutions that meet the specific requirements of each project, ultimately enhancing the overall functionality and success of the facility.
  • In House Partners
    • Our partnership with Monadelphous and Lycopodium gives Mondium access to specialised in-house services from:
    • Orway Mineral Consultants (Orway) is a subsidiary of Lycopodium Limited and is renowned worldwide for its expertise in comminution, offering a comprehensive range of services in extractive metallurgy and process engineering. Apart from comminution, the Orway team possesses extensive knowledge in beneficiation, including flotation, gravity separation, and sorting, as well as hydrometallurgy for various elements such as Ni/Co, Cu, PGM, U, and Au.
    • Inteforge operates as a complete subsidiary under the Monadelphous Group, offering top-tier integrated fabrication services with a track record in heavy industrial domains. Boasting facilities in China and other parts of Asia, Inteforge has the capacity to handle and transport projects of any scale.
    • Heavy Lift is a dedicated business unit within Monadelphous that specialises in heavy lift and transport operations. It boasts Australia’s largest owned-and-operated heavy crane fleet and a wide range of specialist equipment.
    • Alevro is a joint venture between Monadelphous’ Heavy Lift business and global heavy lift and shifting specialists, Fagioli. Together they unlock increased capability and capacity to deliver complexed heavy lifting and heavy shift projects across Australia.
    • Zenviron is a joint venture between Monadelphous and renewable energy specialist Zem Energy. Zenviron provides engineering, procurement and construction services for wind farm and utility-scale solar projects to the renewable energy market in Australia.