We self-perform all aspects of supply chain management, from equipment selection and procurement, to fabrication, shipping, transport and logistics, including all onsite materials handling, ready for installation.  

  • Engineered Procurement (Etag)
    • Leveraging extensive networks and relationships with OEM suppliers, we engage with the market to ensure equipment selection delivers a cost effective, operable and maintainable solution for our clients. We are well versed in managing and expediting the provision of vendor data and ensuring the manufacture and transport to site milestones are achieved.   
  • Fabrication
    • Mondium self-performs fabrication via Monadelphous’ subsidiary, Inteforge. We can provide complete module fabrication and assembly at the China-based facility, strategically located within 500 metres of loadout facilities with easy access to shipping lanes. 
    • The assembly of modules is well supported by a combination of undercover and open yard facilities, to suit the requirement of each module. For stick-built structures, our normal practice is to pre-assemble the steelwork and chutes, giving added assurance that when the components are assembled onsite, the risk of re-work is minimised. 
    • Our execution methodology has been effective in delivering projects for a number of tier-one resources clients for more than 15 years. 
  • Transport & Logistics
    • We provide a full delivery service. Our experienced team handles all loadout and sea transport requirements, ensuring freight is handled efficiently through to offloading at the nominated port facility.
    • Our team is experienced in managing access to the local port facilities and ensuring a smooth transition to road transport from port to site.
    • The module road movements are supported by our own fleet of self-propelled modular transporters, and we are familiar with the requirements for transport of ‘over size’ and ‘over mass’ loads.
  • Materials Management
    • Our dedicated material management team ensures quality products are delivered to site when they are required and in a manner which meets our clients’ specifications, as well as our construction methodology.  
    • The effective management of materials across the full life cycle of each project, from procurement and batching on site, through to install delivery, is a key part of Mondium’s productivity strategy. It ensures our construction teams have the materials they require for their works, improving productivity and reducing the risk of delays.