Joining Mondium in 2018 as a Senior Project Engineer, Schalk comes from a family of engineers. Taking after his father, him and his siblings all became qualified mechanical engineers.  Originally from Cape Town, he started his career in Johannesburg and has worked in various locations across Southern Africa gaining project and study experience in mineral sands, diamonds and rubies from design to construction – his favourite location being Mozambique because it’s so wild and rugged. Over the years, Schalk has enjoyed being involved in all our significant projects and seeing Mondium’s continued growth. He has made some good friends along the way and being immersed in our team has given him the full Aussie cultural experience.  At Mondium we have a constructive and pragmatic culture.  A constructive culture is all about collaboration and the success of the team; while a pragmatic culture focuses on being dynamic and delivering to meet customer needs. The team are flexible and not afraid to take on tasks outside of their job description to deliver. At Mondium I believe integrity and capability sit side by side.